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Insurance Claims- Slip and Fall

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident in Pennsylvania, the office of Todd Sailer may be able to help. Give Mr. Sailer a call today to set up a consultation. As an experienced representative for clients in slip and fall cases, he pledges to tirelessly fight for each one of his clients, making sure to work as hard as he can to help them receive the maximum recovery for injuries they sustained in a slip and fall accident in Pennsylvania.

Social Security Disability Cases

If you have become disabled before you’re ready to retire, you may be eligible to qualify for benefits through the Social Security Disability Insurance program (SSDI). In order to determine if you are entitled to benefits through this program, you must prove that:

  • you are not able to work the way you previously did;
  • you are unable to adapt to new work due to medical conditions; or,
  • your disability will, or is expected to, last for a year or more or result in death.

One of the main reasons people seek out legal help during social security disability claims is that the process can be complex, and it may take months to get accepted. If you file a claim and are initially turned down, the process may take up to another year to get completed. By hiring the services of Todd Sailer, you will be able to rest easy while he guides you through the process and acts as your advocate.


Workers Compensation Claims 

For the workers of Pennsylvania, workers compensation covers most employees who are wondering how they will pay for medical bills or missed time. Some of the most common injuries from workers compensation claims include hurting your back from lifting a heavy object or a fall, respiratory problems or burns from the use of chemicals, and injuries from an auto accident.

While each case is unique, there may also be grounds to file a civil lawsuit if the injury is caused by the employer’s negligence for employees’ safety. In the case that the employee is successful in the lawsuit, he or she may be able to recover more money through the civil lawsuit as opposed to a workers compensation claim.

Regardless of what type of claim you will be filing against an employer, there are some important things to know when regarding workers compensation cases. Directly after any type of workplace accident, you should report it to a supervisor and have an incident report made up. In Pennsylvania, the law states that you must notify your supervisor within 120 days of the injury. If you fail to do this, it is possible your claim could be denied.

Dog Bite Accidents in Pennsylvania

A dog bite accident can leave a victim with serious injuries. . Many states across the country have statutes that make the dog owner strictly liable for their dog’s behavior, especially if unprovoked, regardless of where the incident occurs. Having representation from Todd Sailer will help you to receive the favorable ruling you deserve in your dog bite claim.

Some important information you should obtain following a dog bite accident is the name and phone number of the animal’s owner. If you cannot get this information, the contact information of a neighbor or a witness will help your claim.

In Pennsylvania, the owner is typically liable for all damages caused by a dog bite unless the animal was clearly provoked, or if the victim was trespassing.

Some Recently Awarded Settlements:

$2.25 million – auto collision case

$1.7 million – auto collision case

$430,000 – construction fall case

$350,000 – fall on ice case

$150,000 – worker’s compensation case

$98,750 – auto collision case

Insurance companies don’t pay these sums out of the goodness of their hearts. You have to fight and fight hard. We’re rolling and looking to help more people! If someone is hurt contact me and I’ll be in their corner and take care of the rest.

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