Product Liability

Todd Sailer provides representation to clients who have suffered an injury as a result of a defective or dangerous product. Mr. Sailer, whose office is based in Doylestown, PA, fights hard to make sure the responsible manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer are held legally responsible for your damages. There are several areas of product liability law including food, drugs, and practically all consumer goods.

Todd Sailer makes one guarantee to his clients: to do his utmost to help them receive the maximum amount possible for injuries they have sustained. Working hard is nothing new for Mr. Sailer. You will receive the same dedication and tenacity Mr. Sailer displayed during his time in education and the federal government when you choose him as your product liability lawyer.


How to Prove Product Liability

In order to prove product liability, you must be able to show that the product in question is what directly caused the injury, and that it was flawed by its design, its manufacturing, or its marketing. The cause of many product liability cases is that flaws in the design are inherent from the beginning, but the product usually still fulfills its primary function. There is no product liability law at the federal level. In most cases, product liability claims are based on a state-by-state basis and tried under the speculation of negligence, breach of warranty, or strict liability.

When you are fighting in a product liability case, the questions of negligence and breach of warranty are also considered grounds for damages claims. When trying to prove negligence, valid claims depend on if they prove one of two things:

  • The company in question has insufficiently tested its product
  • The company negligently provided poor directions for the use of their product.


If a product is proven to be defective, then the injured user has grounds to file a product liability lawsuit.

The responsible party in product liability claims usually rests with anyone in the chain of command of the production company. That could mean it is the product manufacturer, the parts manufacturer, parties who assembled or installed the product, or the wholesaler or retailer that sold the product.

If you or a loved one believe you are entitled to compensation due to injuries from a defective product, contact the office of Todd Sailer today. Don’t let your chance of compensation get away from you — give him a call today at 267-838-2016.