Workers Compensation Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Have you been injured on the job or suffered a work-related illness? Not sure how you are going to be able to pay your medical bills, or support your family during your time out of work? You may be entitled to workers compensation. Todd Sailer is ready to fight for you and provide the authoritative legal representation you deserve.

Mr. Sailer makes a pledge to each of the clients he represents — to fight hard and go the extra mile so that they can receive the maximum compensation to which they are entitled. He is dedicated to being a leader, both professionally and in his private life, and he vows to never give up on people that deserve recompense.


Workers Compensation Claims in Philadelphia

For the workers of Pennsylvania, workers compensation covers most employees who are wondering how they will pay for medical bills or missed time. Some of the most common injuries from workers compensation claims include hurting your back from lifting a heavy object or a fall, respiratory problems or burns from the use of chemicals, and injuries from an auto accident.

While each case is unique, there may also be grounds to file a civil lawsuit if the injury is caused by the employer’s negligence for employees’ safety. In the case that the employee is successful in the lawsuit, he or she may be able to recover more money through the civil lawsuit as opposed to a workers compensation claim.

Regardless of what type of claim you will be filing against an employer, there are some important things to know when regarding workers compensation cases. Directly after any type of workplace accident, you should report it to a supervisor and have an incident report made up. In Pennsylvania, the law states that you must notify your supervisor within 120 days of the injury. If you fail to do this, it is possible your claim could be denied.

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